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Play Day | October 26, 2019

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Tango Farms is hosting a RESDA play day on Saturday, October 26. Handlers and dogs at all levels are welcome with a variety of pens and fields available. The cost is $20 per working spot for the day. A potluck dinner will be held at the end of the day. View the registration form at this link.

RESDA Fall Meeting | Date TBD

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Last year, we had a Fall General Membership Meeting in addition to our traditional Spring Meeting. We hope to hold a Fall Meeting again this year, which is also a good opportunity for a holiday celebration.

2019 High Point Championship

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Steve Moody and Maddie won our 2019 Championship, awarded annually to the dog and handler team scoring the most total points across all our designated Point trials for the year. Steve and Maddie also won the Championship in 2017 and 2018. See this page for complete High Point standings.

Steve previously won our Championship twice with Ruby and four times with Ruby's daughter, JoJo, making a total of nine championships for Steve.

Across 72 annual RESDA Championships awarded, only one handler has won more times than Steve. The late Les Bruhn won a total of 11 championships. We keep reminding Steve of this so he will keep competing! Together, Steve and Les have won 20 championships. Only two other handlers, Karen Kollgaard and Nancy Todd, have won as many as five.

Steve is a dairy rancher based near Valley Ford, CA. Maddie was bred by Chris Cornett, Tomales, CA.

RESDA Fall Trial | October 12, 2019

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At the RESDA Fall Trial held on October 12, 2019, George Powell and Taff won the Open trial with an exceptional run. This was their first RESDA Open trial win.

Taff is a six-year-old, male registered border collie, bred by Peggy Taylor of Marysville, CA. Taff's mother was Peggy's Allie and his father was Bill Berhow's Cley.

See this page for all Fall Trial results.

Lambtown Festival

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The Lambtown Festival, held in Dixon, CA, on October 5 and 6, 2019, also hosted RESDA sheep dog demos. The Lambtown audience is uniquely well-informed and appreciative. They asked great questions, and we felt we were among our people at this event.

Two full days of demos is a lot of sheep dog work. Huge thanks to our members who provided the demos, including Colleen Duncan, Dennis Morgan, Donna Beebe, Richard Dix, Sharon Heringer and Shelia Brumley-Rios, shown here.

Petaluma Youth Ag Day

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On September 27, members Steve Moody, Marnie Nunnemaker, Dennis Morgan and Richard Dix, together with their border collies, gave sheep herding demos to hundreds of school children as part of Petaluma Youth Ag Day at the Sonoma-Marin fairgrounds.

After the experience, Marnie said, "It’s the most fun I’ve had in a long time. They were so enthusiastic about the dogs working on commands and whistles. Our 'special treat' at the end brought many, many smiles. Archie, the friendliest Border Collie I’ve ever seen, let each of the kids give him a quick pat as they left. It was an incredibly rewarding experience for all of us to share with so many youth of the Petaluma area."

2019 RESDA Futurity

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Shelia Brumley-Rios (center) and her 18-month-old pup Gus won our 2019 Futurity Trial, held at the Potter Valley Rodeo grounds on September 21, 2019.

This trial brought back a RESDA tradition: the Futurity. For a $100 entry fee, handlers presented pups up to 3 years old, who had never before competed in a trial. Each team had two runs on the RESDA open course; the team with the highest total points was declared the winner.

President Steve Moody (left) and Vice President Sharon Heringer (right) served as independent judges. All the Futurity teams did a great job, and this was a fun trial to watch. See this link for complete Futurity scores.