Redwood Empire Sheep Dog Association
Celebrating Our Association—1979

Upcoming Events

  • Circle X Ranch Trial, Potter Valley, CA , May 8, 2021 Online entry Mail entry
  • Middletown Trial, Middletown, CA, May 22, 2021 Postponed due to a problem at the host ranch
  • Northern California Wool Growers, Red Bluff, CA, June 13, 2021
  • Beebe-Johnson Memorial, Boonville, CA, June 19, 2021

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2021 Tango Farms Classic Sheep Dog Trial

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On April 25, 2021, Tango Farms Trial Judge Colleen Duncan awarded first place and the David Howard Memorial Trophy to Steve Moody and Roadie. Link to Tango Farms Trial Scores.

Steve and Roadie previously placed second in our 2021 Spring Trial and are now first in our 2021 High Point Championship as well.

Congratulations, Steve and Roadie!

Photo credit: Donna Beebe

2021 RESDA Spring Trial

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Colleen Duncan of Honcut, CA (left) and her pup, Rosie, took home first place in Rosie's first Open Trial. Their winnings included possession for the year of the Spring Trial perpetual trophy—a historic RESDA painting. Trial Judge, Sharon J. Heringer (right) is shown here presenting the painting to Colleen and Rosie after the trial. … Full trial scores…

President's Letter by our 2021 President, Steve Moody

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The Redwood Empire Sheep Dog Association has been a very big part of my life. In 1979, I got my start in border collies from … Read more…

2020 High Point Championship

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Congratulations to Tom Trent and Angus! They took an early lead in the 2020 High Point contest and successfully held on to it all season long, winning four of eight point trials held this year.

After the RESDA Fall Trial, held on October 17, 2020, they were named our 2020 High Point Champions. A long-time RESDA member, Tom has finished in the "Top Ten" many times. This is his first championship win.

Photo credit: Donna Beebe

Mendocino County Fairgrounds, September 19, 2020

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For not quite seven minutes last Saturday, it felt like 2019 and all was right with the world as we watched Steve Moody and Roadie master the course and take home the buckle at the Mendocino County fairgrounds in Boonville, CA.

Photo credit: Donna Beebe

Watch a video of the winning run here:

Spring Trial Make-Up

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Our warm congratulations to Virginia Dains, a RESDA member from Auburn, CA, who followed up her Open win at the Beebe-Johnson Memorial on July 18 with Trim, with another Open win at the August 15 Spring Trial Make-Up with Susie. Virginia and Susie are shown here with Spring Trial Judge, Carolyn Erdman.

See this page for Spring Trial results.

Beebe-Johnson Memorial

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We had a great sheep dog day in Boonville on July 18, 2020, with 22 open entries and 10 pro novice entries.

Mark Dias and Pheee, shown here, had a beautiful run and topped a very competitive pro novice class. Photo credit: Marnie Nunnemaker

Virginia Dains and Trim won the open class.

Tom Trent and Angus placed second in open, above any other high point contender. With four point trials completed out of eight planned for this year, they held on to their spot at the top of the 2020 High Point Standings.

See this page for all Beebe-Johnson Memorial results.

Valley Ford Challenge

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Our 2020 Valley Ford Challenge consisted of two, back-to-back open point trials. Tom Trent and Angus won both trials.

Following up on their win at the Tango Farms Sheep Dog Trial in May, this puts Tom and Angus at the top of the 2020 High Point Standings, as of June 27, 2020.

See this page for all Valley Ford results.

Tango Farms Sheep Dog Trial

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Tom Trent and Angus won the Tango Farms open sheep dog trial on Saturday, May 30, 2020.

See this page for all Tango Farms results

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