Steve Moody and Ruby, RESDA High Point Champions 1984, 1987
President's Letter
By 2021 RESDA President, Steve Moody, Valley Ford, CA
The Redwood Empire Sheep Dog Association has been a very big part of my life. In 1979, I got my start in border collies from my neighbor, the late Lester Bruhn, when he refused to sell me a pup. His reason was, “If you give a man a gun, he’ll shoot you with it.” I used this as motivation in my training after acquiring my first border collie pup.

I have had the privilege of competing and learning from some of the late great Redwood Empire handlers such as Si Francis, Curt Beebe, Bruce Hagemann, Bruce Campbell, Leo Ielmorini and Lonnie Curtis. Bob and Donna Meier were also important influences. I met all but one of these people through the dog club and still consider them lifelong friends. I even met my wife Jeannie at the Napa County Fair Dog Trial in Calistoga in 1981.

From 1980-1997, I had a very successful run at trialing with my first dog Ruby and then her daughter JoJo. In the mid 80’s, I dabbled in some drive trials. We enjoyed them but it was a totally different atmosphere without the camaraderie of the rancher-based Redwood Empire. At about that same time I made the choice of dogs over rodeo. With a full-time dairy operation there wasn’t time for everything. I still believe I made the right choice.

In 1997 my sons, Steven and Stanley, developed an interest in Little League and CYO Basketball, so I took a break from the dog club and started raising and training kids. When my boys were done with sports and became great ranch hands on the dairy, I acquired a ranch dog pup (Maddie). She had all of the qualities that I look for in a trial dog and I was ready to try my hand at trialing again so I rejoined the club in 2017.

I am proud of the Club's long history and proud to be a member of an organization that has fought off many changes over the years. I truly feel that we have a small unique dog club that is second to none.
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Steve Moody and his champion sheep dog, Ruby—the early years.
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Eight-time RESDA High Point Champion Steve Moody, left, with eleven-time Champion Les Bruhn, right.
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Steve Moody and JoJo, who was a daughter to his previous RESDA Champion, Ruby.

Following on Steve's two previous Championships with Ruby, Steve and JoJo won the RESDA Championship four more times between 1989 and 1995.
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Steve Moody and Maddie of Valley Ford, CA, our 2017, 2018 and 2019 High Point Champions. The championship is awarded annually to the dog and handler team scoring the highest total number of points across all our designated points trials for the year.
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