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Northern California Wool Growers

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Undeterred by rain showers or by crutches, Team Beebe had a great day at the RESDA sheep dog trial held during the Northern California Wool Growers Annual Meeting and BBQ on June 12, 2022.

Donna Beebe and Meg (dog left) won the Open trial, while Donna's pup, Macey, earned her first Open points.

Click here for full trial scores.

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Circle X Ranch Trial

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Big shout out to Sonoma County's own Sandra Milberg, who placed first and second with her border collies, Devon and Tex, at the Circle X Ranch Trial held near Potter Valley, CA, on May 7.

Trial hosts of Sonoma County's most prominent USBCHA-sanctioned sheep dog trial, winner of the Sonoma County Fair Champion Sheep Dog, past RESDA President and frequent USBCHA National Finals competitor, there is little Team Milberg can't do!

Click here for all Circle X Trial Scores.

Tango Farms Sheep Dog Trial

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Donna Beebe and her border collie, Meg, were looking good at the Tango Farms in Honcut on April 23, 2022. Congratulations to Donna and Meg! Click here for all Tango Farms Trial Scores.

RESDA 2022 Spring Trial

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Congratulations to Ron Stark and Moss, who won our 2022 Spring Trial with a very smooth run. Our first trial of the season can be a challenging outing for many teams, but with one of the highest scores for the gather, perfect scores on both panels and the highest pen score, Ron and Moss easily won this trial. Click here for all Spring Trial Scores.

Spring Meeting Updates

There are a few quick announcements from Spring Meeting I would like to share with you. The minutes will be emailed when available.

First of all, I would like to introduce the new RESDA Board for 2022:
  • President - Catlyn Gilman
  • Vice President - Carolyn Erdman
  • Secretary - Paigelynn Trotter
  • Treasurer - Colleen Duncan
  • Board Members:
  • Steve Moody
  • Dean Watson
  • Suzanne Farris
  • Andy Edmondson
  • Shelia Rios

A big round of applause for those who stepped in to or continued in leadership positions in the club. A big thank you for those that served last year, keeping the club running during uncertain times.

This year marks the return (keep your finger crossed) of the fair trials! It also marks the return of many USBCHA trials in our area. To accommodate handlers that would like to participate in both, we have moved up the Judging Clinic to February 26th (yes, it is coming up fast!). We will be at the Potter Valley Rodeo Grounds. More details to follow shortly. The judging clinic is open to all members and it is a great way to learn about trialing with us.

Trialing season will start in early April. Board members are coordinating with hosts and sheep providers to confirm dates.

Lastly, this year we will have many more opportunities for training days. Dates are still tentative and will be announced when confirmed, but we have at least 3 play-days in different counties and on different sheep in the works.

Keep an eye out for more announcements. I am looking forward to this year of trialing with you.

Thank you,
Catlyn Gilman
2022 RESDA President

Website Maintenance

During the weekend of February 5-6, 2022, routine maintenance was performed on the RESDA website. To make navigation easier, a Site Map or page index was added to most pages that provides an overview of and link to every page. Depending on the screen size of your device, the Site Map will appear on the right side or bottom of the page. If the site doesn't seem to be working right, please reload the page in your browser by clicking the "reload" or small circular symbol that appears in your browser address bar.

2021 High Point Champions: Steve Moody and Roadie!

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Describe RESDA using 12 words or less: unique course, tough sheep, fun settings, 75 years, 10X champion Steve Moody!

RESDA Fall Trial

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Steve Moody and his pup, Cady, got their first Open win at the RESDA Fall Trial held in Boonville, CA, on Saturday, October 16, 2021. Great job! Click here for all Fall Trial scores.

Cady is a one-year-old female sired by Nancy Todd's Ace, with whom Nancy previously won our high point competition. Cady's mother was Donna Beebe's Meg.

Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show

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Congratulations to Nancy Todd and Grit! They won the finals trial at the Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show on September 19, 2021. Click here for finals trial scores.

Grit is a three-year-old male sired by Nancy's Ace, with whom Nancy previously won our high point competition. Grit's mother was Catlyn Gilman's Remmy, sired in turn by Bill Berhow's Cley.

Potter Valley Classic Sheep Dog Trial

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Steve Moody and Roadie (black and white) won the Open trial at the Potter Valley Classic on Saturday, September 11. As trial winners, they received an extreme ice chest donated by Rainbow Ag in Ukiah, CA, shown upper left.

Steve and Cady (red dog) placed third. Second through sixth place finishers were awarded a large bag of Stella and Chewy's dog food, also donated by Rainbow Ag.

Photo credit: Sharon Heringer

Mendocino County Fair Elimination Trial

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Donna Beebe and Meg (dog right) won the Elimination Trial at the Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show on Saturday, August 21.

The top eight scoring teams (one dog per handler) from the Elimination Trial will be invited to return for the Finals on September 19. The run order at the Finals is by reverse order of qualifying score and is as follows:
  1. Nancy Todd and Grit
  2. Joyce Shephard and Jazz
  3. Colleen Duncan and Rosie
  4. Teri Tucker and Olive
  5. Steve Moody and Cady
  6. Sandra Milberg and Devon
  7. Catlyn Gilman and Bailee
  8. Donna Beebe and Meg
First Alternate: Dean Watson and Gel
Second Alternate: Karen Kollgaard and Timbre

Donna and Macey (dog left) won the Pro Novice trial on Saturday.

Photo credit: Steve Moody

Valley Ford Challenge Cattle Dog Trial

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This year, the format of our Valley Ford Challenge returned to back-to-back sheep and cattle dog trials. The sheep dog trial was run on RESDA rules, while the cattle dog trial was run on Mountain States Stockdog Association (MSSA) rules.

Several RESDA members regularly compete in both sheep and cattle dog trials, including our Valley Ford Challenge trial host and judge, Steve Moody. As a result, the competition at both trials was intense.

RESDA member, Jeff Horner, recently competed in the MSSA national finals, where he and his dog, Gun, placed second in the open cattle class. Jeff and Gun showed us their winning style, placing first in the Valley Ford Challenge cattle dog trial.

Jeff and Tesla achieved the same, perfect score as Jeff and Gun, and placed third based on time required to complete the course. Donna Beebe and Meg also had a perfect score and placed second on time.

2021 Northern California Wool Growers, Beebe-Johnson Memorial *and* Valley Ford Sheep Dog Trials

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On Sunday, June 13, 2021, Colleen Duncan and her border collie, Lucy, had a clean sweep at the Northern California Wool Growers Annual Meeting and Sheep Dog Trial in Red Bluff, CA. They won Open Run 1, Open Run 2 and Overall Combined.

On Saturday, June 19, 2021, they won the Beebe-Johnson Memorial Sheep Dog Trial held at the Johnson Family Ranch in Boonville, CA.

On Saturday, August 7, 2021, they followed up strong, winning the sheep dog trial at Steve and Jeannie's Valley Ford Challenge.

Congratulations to Colleen and Lucy! This is the kind of streak that High Point dreams are made of!

Photo credit: LeeAnn Heringer

2021 Circle X Sheep Dog Trial

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New to RESDA competition this year, Jeff Horner and his border collie, Tesla, had their first RESDA Open trial win at the Circle X Ranch Trial on Saturday, May 8, 2021. With 22 teams running and very fresh sheep provided by Robert Irwin, this was a significant accomplishment.

Warm thanks to our trial hosts, Russ and Nancy Todd. The Todd Family ranch near the town of Potter Valley, CA, is an amazing place to spend a day.

In addition to cash and ribbons, top finishers received free dog food sponsored by Rainbow Ag in Ukiah, CA. Link to Circle X Trial scores.

Photo credit: Donna Beebe

2021 Tango Farms Classic Sheep Dog Trial

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On April 25, 2021, Tango Farms Trial Judge Colleen Duncan awarded first place and the David Howard Memorial Trophy to Steve Moody and Roadie. Link to Tango Farms Trial Scores.

Steve and Roadie previously placed second in our 2021 Spring Trial and are now first in our 2021 High Point Championship as well.

Congratulations, Steve and Roadie!

Photo credit: Donna Beebe

2021 RESDA Spring Trial

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Colleen Duncan of Honcut, CA (left) and her pup, Rosie, took home first place in Rosie's first Open Trial. Their winnings included possession for the year of the Spring Trial perpetual trophy—a historic RESDA painting. Trial Judge, Sharon J. Heringer (right) is shown here presenting the painting to Colleen and Rosie after the trial. … Full trial scores…

President's Letter by our 2021 President, Steve Moody

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The Redwood Empire Sheep Dog Association has been a very big part of my life. In 1979, I got my start in border collies from … Read more…

2020 High Point Championship

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Congratulations to Tom Trent and Angus! They took an early lead in the 2020 High Point contest and successfully held on to it all season long, winning four of eight point trials held this year.

After the RESDA Fall Trial, held on October 17, 2020, they were named our 2020 High Point Champions. A long-time RESDA member, Tom has finished in the "Top Ten" many times. This is his first championship win.

Photo credit: Donna Beebe

Mendocino County Fairgrounds, September 19, 2020

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For not quite seven minutes last Saturday, it felt like 2019 and all was right with the world as we watched Steve Moody and Roadie master the course and take home the buckle at the Mendocino County fairgrounds in Boonville, CA.

Photo credit: Donna Beebe

Watch a video of the winning run here:

Spring Trial Make-Up

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Our warm congratulations to Virginia Dains, a RESDA member from Auburn, CA, who followed up her Open win at the Beebe-Johnson Memorial on July 18 with Trim, with another Open win at the August 15 Spring Trial Make-Up with Susie. Virginia and Susie are shown here with Spring Trial Judge, Carolyn Erdman.

See this page for Spring Trial results.

Beebe-Johnson Memorial

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We had a great sheep dog day in Boonville on July 18, 2020, with 22 open entries and 10 pro novice entries.

Mark Dias and Pheee, shown here, had a beautiful run and topped a very competitive pro novice class. Photo credit: Marnie Nunnemaker

Virginia Dains and Trim won the open class.

Tom Trent and Angus placed second in open, above any other high point contender. With four point trials completed out of eight planned for this year, they held on to their spot at the top of the 2020 High Point Standings.

See this page for all Beebe-Johnson Memorial results.

Previous RESDA Website

We were able to download many but not all of the files from the previous website before it was taken offline.

Access those files here.