Steve Moody and Roadie had a near-perfect run at the Sonoma County Fair Sheep Dog Trial on August 4, 2019, earning them the silver trophy buckle, awarded by Judge Jack Mathieson (left.) Steve and Maddie placed too, putting both dogs up at the top of the 2019 High Point Competition.
Open Trial Scores | Judge Jack Mathieson
PlacingHandlerDogO/L/FPanel 1Panel 2ChutePenTotalTime
1Steve MoodyRoadie14.5549.514.547.54:38
2Sharon HeringerTrue13.
3Rhonda LauritsenDonny112.52.58.51438.56:02
4Steve MoodyMaddie13.522.5613.537.57:46
5Catlyn GilmanRemmy8.532813.5355:39
6Tom TrentAngus14.542.5-13346:59
7Rhonda LauritsenTarn12.53.52-15337:02
8Sharon HeringerDylan114.53.59.5-28.59:10
9Nancy ToddAce12227-239:58
10Karen KollgaardTimbre9327-217:45
11Carolyn ErdmanJude13.524--19.510:00
12Catlyn GilmanBailee40.535719.510:00
13Shelia Brumley-RiosRoy13.50.52.5--16.5N/A
14Shelia Brumley-RiosGael11.53.50.5--15.55:53
15Joyce ShephardJazz122.50.5--1510:00
16Karen KollgaardRed102.5---12.5N/A
16Donna BeebeMeg8.54---12.53:29
16Tom TrentErin11.50.50.5--12.5N/A
19Ty FolkEagle0
DNRColleen DuncanLucy
DNRColleen DuncanFly