A great show by our Futurity teams, left to right, Nancy Todd with Jade and Red, Colleen Duncan with Rosie and Shelia Brumley-Rios with Gus; Photo credit: Donna Beebe
Futurity Highlights
This trial brought back a RESDA tradition: the Futurity. For a $100 entry fee, handlers presented pups up to 3 years old, who had never before competed in a trial. Each team had two runs on the RESDA open course; the team with the highest total points was declared the winner.

President Steve Moody and Vice President Sharon Heringer served as independent judges. All scores are provided below.

All the Futurity teams did a great job. This was a fun trial to watch. Based on average score per run, they were all in the top half of the Potter Valley Classic open dogs, during the trial run the same day.
  • With a total score of 135 across 2 runs and 2 judges, Shelia and Gus were declared the winners. Their outwork and panels were strong, they succeeded at the chute on one out of two attempts and penned twice. Average score per run = 34.
  • With a total score of 120.5, Nancy and Red took second. Their success at the chute and pen were similar to Shelia and Gus, while Red had a little more difficulty picking up the sticky range ewes. Average score per run = 30.
  • With a total score of 103.5, Colleen and Rosie placed third. They consistently had the nicest outrun, lift and fetch, but were less successful at the chute and pen. Average score per run = 26.
  • With a total score of 95.5, Nancy and Jade placed fourth. Their work was similar to Nancy and Red, but Jade missed one pen while Red got both. Average score per run = 24.
Futurity Scores
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