Donna Beebe and Meg (left) found themselves at the top of the scoreboard after taking second place in both sheep and cattle at the Valley Ford Challenge; Photo credit: Donna Beebe
2021 High Point Competition, as of September 11, 2021
RankTotalHandlerDogSpring TrialTango FarmsCircle XBeebe JohnsonValley FordMendo ElimPotter ValleyFall Trial
1196.5Donna BeebeMeg2937.52522323516Judge
2190.5Steve MoodyRoadie3944.52118.5Judge2740.5
3172Colleen DuncanLucy35Judge30304022.514.5
4154Catlyn GilmanRemmy3144191831.510.5Judge
5107Colleen DuncanRosie42Judge211529
6105Carolyn ErdmanJude16.539.5141916NP
797.5Carolyn ErdmanCodi25.53801816NP
891.5Teri TuckerOlive18NP220.520.530.5
985Joyce ShephardJazz191215.520.518
1075.5Teri TuckerJim0NP131717.5199
1172Shelia RiosGus34.571416.5Judge
1264.5Catlyn GilmanBailee102034.5Judge
1356.5Karen KollgaardTimbre6.512.5NP37.5
1456Nancy ToddGrit24.59.5Judge148
1554Steve MoodyCady3420
1635.5Tom TrentErin15.520Judge
1731Dean WatsonGel71014NP
1830.5Dean WatsonShadow13.517NP
1830.5Shelia RiosRoy19.511Judge
2029.5Virginia DainsTrim29.5NP
2029.5Rhonda LauritsenDonny26.5NP3
2229Sharon HeringerTryJudge11117
2321.5Virginia DainsSuzie21.5NP
2421Rhonda LauritsenTarnNP21
2517.5Karen KollgaardMary Jo9.5NP8
269Rhonda LauritsenConnorNP9
N/ACindi FitzgeraldNP
N/ALynge GrovermanNP
Handlers must have attended the 2021 Spring Meeting, in person or by proxy, to be considered High Point contenders.

Each contestant has one Judging Assignment or No Point Trial; all remaining point trials count toward the High Point Championship.