Congratulations to Steve Moody and Maddie, winners of our 2019 High Point Championship. Steve and Roadie placed second. Photo credit: Donna Beebe
2019 High Point Competition, as of October 12, 2019
RankTotalTeamSpring TrialTango FarmsSonoma- MarinValley FordMarin CountyBeebe JohnsonSonoma CountyMendocino ElimPotter ValleyFall Trial
1312Steve Moody & Maddie22.53537.5Judge2536.537.5374239
2289Steve Moody & Roadie46.530.519Judge4422.547.52032.526.5
3248.5Nancy Todd & Ace1943.52032.533.516.523Judge2535.5
4239Tom Trent & Angus10.543.52224.5NP34264137.5
5227.5Shelia Rios & Roy31.542.518.514.53136.516.58.5Judge28
6215.5Donna Beebe & Meg18.54013.529.5Judge38.512.518.52816.5
7214Colleen Duncan & Lucy29.5Judge22.53041.573333.517
8202.5Sharon Heringer & TrueJudge928.514.519.518.54417.53021
9192Catlyn Gilman & Bailee16.542.5Judge14.5221919.51939
10191Karen Kollgaard & Timbre172925.524.534.52221611.5Judge
11190.5Sharon Heringer & DylanJudge191813.5030.528.5322722
12179.5Catlyn Gilman & Remmy27.536.5Judge1029.53514.526.5
13170Carolyn Erdman & Jude2602217.53322.519.515NP14.5
14134.5Jack Mathieson & Jake14.52420.58.530Judge13.511.512
15133.5Shelia Rios & Gael1701217.536.515.5Judge35
16123.5Colleen Duncan & Fly0Judge4.538.511.5914.53213.5
17113Tom Trent & Erin1613190NP12.52112.519
18109.5Jack Mathieson & Lark30.5812613Judge11.5028.5
19109Karen Kollgaard & Red18.527.526.512.510.513.5Judge
2083Marnie Nunnemaker & Nellie1731.5NP034.5
2181Marnie Nunnemaker & Val30.514NP29.57
2278.5Joyce Shephard & Jazz26022.5Judge15150
2333Suzanne Farris & TripNP9.
2426.5Alison Ruhe & Jazz26.5NP
2517.5Marnie Nunnemaker & Emma17.5NP00
260Karen Kollgaard & Mary Jo0Judge
Handlers must have attended the Spring Meeting, in person or by proxy, to be considered High Point contenders.
Each contestant has one Judging or No Point assignment; all remaining points trials, as shown above, count toward the High Point Championship.