The top eight scoring teams at the elimination trial were invited to return for the finals held during the fair in September, (left to right) Colleen Duncan and Rosie, Catlyn Gilman and Bailee, Teri Tucker and Olive, Steve Moody and Cady, trial winners Donna Beebe and Meg, Judge Shelia Rios, Sandra Milberg and Devon, Joyce Shephard and Jazz, Nancy Todd and Grit; Photo credit: trial clerk Cindi Fitzgerald
Finals Trial | Judge Shelia Rios
PlacingHandlerDogO/L/FPanel 1Panel 2ChutePenTotalTime
1Nancy ToddGrit1043711359:56
2Sandra MilbergDevon1034512345:35
3Teri TuckerOlive123214315:57
4Joyce ShephardJazz85314306:06
5Donna BeebeMeg9428239:17
6Colleen DuncanRosie723315Time
7Catlyn GilmanBailee833.514.59:16
8Steve MoodyCady352.510.5Time
Elimination Trial—Open | Judge Shelia Rios
PlacingHandlerDogO/L/FPanel 1Panel 2ChutePenTotalTime
1Donna BeebeMeg845711356:10
2Catlyn GilmanBailee74.5391134.59:49
3Sandra MilbergDevon1434.512.5347:43
4Steve MoodyCady1134511348:58
5Teri TuckerOlive112314.530.56:49
6Colleen DuncanRosie52.54413.5296:06
7Sandra MilbergTex732.551128.57:04
8Steve MoodyRoadie134.54.5527Time
9Colleen DuncanLucy120.53.56.522.58:59
10Joyce ShephardJazz1244.520.59:25
11Teri TuckerJim11125198:44
12Nancy ToddGrit833149:10
13Dean WatsonGel10414Time
14Catlyn GilmanRemmy622.510.57:36
15Karen KollgaardTimbre50.51.53107:32
16Karen KollgaardMary Jo23387:53
17Sharon HeringerTry0
18Dean WatsonShadow0
Elimination Trial—Pro Novice | Judge Shelia Rios
PlacingHandlerDogO/L/FPanel 1Panel 2PenTotalTime
1Donna BeebeMacey03.53814.57:12
2Colleen DuncanIra31377:10
3Joyce ShephardShep0437Time
4Kevin Owens Meg55Time